Pipeline HDD & Conventional Auger Boring Microtunneling and Trenchless Technologies

Pipeline HDD and Conventional Auger Boring

For nearly three decades Del/Sha has successfully provided HDD and conventional auger boring to the oil and gas pipeline industry. Del/Sha has nearly three decades of experience in handling oil and gas pipeline HDD and conventional auger bores ranging from 2″ to 42″. Our experienced crews are ready to make your company successful with all it’s HDD and conventional bores, regardless of the size or difficulty. Del/Sha crews are experienced drilling in the hardest rock around the country as well as the softest clays and sands along the coastlines.

Del/Sha uses the most current and accurate software and steerable processes which allows our crews to efficiently and effectively navigate any terrain, from flat land to extreme inclines, under roads, highways, railroads, bridges, rivers, streams, wetlands, pipeline corridors, and other difficult and complex terrains. Del/Sha also takes great pride in keeping clean and organized job sites which is why we only work with the best drilling fluids, recycling, and mud solidification technologies that the HDD and conventional auger boring industry has to offer.

Del/Sha has specialized in HDD and auger boring for the oil & gas industries for over 27 years with experience drilling in hard rock to soft dirt, clay, sand.

Del/Sha Construction & Drilling provides the following HDD and conventional auger boring services for the following oil & gas service types and pipeline types:

High Pressure Pipeline
Low Pressure Pipeline
NG Pipeline
Steel Pipeline
HDPE Pipeline


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